¿Eres ingeniero informático? Haz tus prácticas en EEUU por un año.


– Titulados de Ingeniería Informática de menos de un año
– 18 a 30 años
– Inglés intermedio/avanzado
– Hasta 12 meses de estancia en EEUU

La Empresa

Sophisticated internet infrastructure and strategy for auction houses and manufacturers in a variety of industries. Its tools are used by industry leaders in major market segments worldwide.

Puesto de Trabajo

The Operations Support Analyst position is an entry-level position which participates in all daily, core Operations aspects of our real-time, Internet based services.


The overall role of the Operations Support Analyst is to monitor simultaneous, live auction events as they occur around the world and to respond in a professional manner to customer questions and support calls/emails as necessary. The Operations Support Analyst must successfully:

• Quickly attain a thorough understanding of our customers and infrastructure.
• Perform and report daily checklists with exceptional attention to detail.
• Accurately and consistently collect and record event statistics according to a strict protocol.
• Interface to the “hotline” answering service and directly with customers and users, providing world-class customer support to every caller in every situation.
• Log and report all issues, escalating along proper channels as needed.
• Actively participate in process improvement and employee training and development initiatives within the Operations Support Center.
• Provide remote clerking services for customers’ auction events as requested.

Technical Skills and Experience

In addition to the ability to perform the duties outlined above, viable candidates must be very PC-literate and proficient in:
• Microsoft Excel as well as possess a familiarity with Internet browsers and their settings – cookies, security settings, etc.

Non-Technical Skills and Experience

Key characteristics for a good organizational fit would include:
• Reliability and Flexibility – this position requires punctuality and dependability; the ability to work non-standard business hours is necessary and to be available “on call” or to fill in as needed is of great benefit.
• Professionalism – specialists must be well-spoken and confident with a pleasant telephone personality; committed to attention to detail, honesty, and integrity with a high degree of professionalism in conduct and demeanor; a high degree of respect exhibited at all times for co-workers, superiors, and customers; and a strong work ethic with an emphasis on personal responsibility and accountability.
• Focus and Endurance – this position requires a high degree of focus whether faced with many simultaneous tasks in a fast-paced environment working as part of a team or with a low volume of activity working as an individual.
• Problem-solving skills – analysts must be committed to doing whatever it takes to help the customer and the company succeed.

The Operations Team presents the potential for a career path to other opportunities within the company as warranted by performance, experience, and company growth.

This company offers a great working environment that is encouraging, respectful, and highly professional yet informal. This company promotes an open-door atmosphere and encourages entrepreneurial ideas and attitudes on the part of all employees. This company is highly committed to the training and development of and respect for our employees.

Interesados registrarse en http://www.workuse.es o llamar al 954253235 o 686976135




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